How to fix those pesky issues with your email software!

Email support can be quite difficult to fix and a tedious / time consuming task when you don’t know where to start. This little step by step guide will help you troubleshooting your professional (or personal) email by checking the settings on your computer. We will be as concise as possible, and use a non-technical vocabulary.
Why “business email support”? because most serious businesses will not use standard gmail or yahoo clients to manage their emails, but will use their domain name instead ( instead of

Fix cannot send of receive emails

The first thing to check are your email settings. If you are hosting your emails with us, make sure the settings are as follow:
1/  Those settings are valid for POP, IMAP or SMTP:
2/  Make sure your username is the same as your email address.
3/  Then you need to double check your password. Please refer to the email we have sent you originally.

It is still not working

Check that your computer hasn’t been blocked from our servers, by visiting our website
If the website is not loading, you need to send us your IP Address so we can unblock you:
1/  Go to and write down the 4 numbers. (It would look like this:
2/  Send us those numbers by email and once we have verified your identity, we will unblock them for you. Please note that if you have a dynamic IP Address, it will change every time you restart / reset your modem. If you are blocked again, you would have to send us the updated IP address.

My mobile phone / tablet can receive emails but not my computer (both connected to the same network)

This would be a configuration issue with the computer. I would suggest checking your firewall settings.

What is an IP address?

An IP Address works the same way as your home address. Your ISP (company who provides your internet connection) will give you a temporary (or permanent) “location”, and when you visit a website, that IP address will be visible to the website owner. There is no personal data attached to an IP address

Why do you block IP addresses?

Only for a matter of security and data protection. Hackers could try to access your website / email data by forcing passwords for instance. The server would automatically block an IP address that would seem suspicious.

How does email works?

– “ok I will forward you the email with the planning now”
Few seconds later…
– “thanks, just got it!”

What happened?

You contact “sends” an email from their computer. This email will then go on a web server (web server = a computer which is online 24/7), transferred to “your” web server and will be then sent to your computer so you can read this precious planning.
Your provider, who is usually the same people that provides your web hosting, allow you to use some space on that computer to store your emails.

Where are my emails stored?