Mobile App & Tablet App Development

Technology is never going to go away and each month more and more technology is going live with so many of the key businesses out there developing mobile and tablet based app’s so you can use their services.

E-commerce sites allow you to browse and purchase products in-app, service based industries allow you to make appointments and browse availability and with every app it brings you closer to the brand.

As a mobile and tablet app agency in Braintree, Essex we know how much of a commitment it can be both in terms of money and labour to produce a mobile or tablet app for your business, but mobile could be the key to developing your business and bringing in more traffic, advertising and sales. All of these methods can bring with it an increased profitability for your business.

Apps don’t always have to be expensive and you can speak to our mobile and tablet app agency in Braintree, Essex to discuss what your requirements actually are for an app and whether it is necessary for your business.

Last summer Ofcom did a survey which saw smartphones overtake laptops as the most popular way of accessing the internet with most people spending two hours a day staring at their mobile screen to check social media, shop and do their banking. Two hours may not seem like a lot but this works out at over 30 days within a year staring at a digital device. This is why mobile based apps can be incredibly important as your business can tap into this time that people are staring at their devices.

Advertisers and marketing executives are moving towards technology with reports from 2014 saying that the UK mobile advertising spend was set to overtake the newspaper advertising revenue as people use their mobiles more for news than physical newspapers. The total digital media advertising is expected to reach £9 billion by 2017, and mobile makes up nearly half of all retail traffic today. Don’t miss out on this fantastic business opportunity which can see you grow your business and increase your sales.

Our experience development team have vast experience creating all manner of apps for various platforms including:

  • Iphone
  • Ipad
  • Android

Our experience as a mobile and tablet app agency in Braintree, Essex means that we pride ourselves as both a leading website design and creative agency so we can provide bespoke solutions tailor made for your needs. You may want a commercial or non-commercial app for your business, but either way you can be ensured your app will meet your requirements, be built to your specification, will not incur additional fees than those discussed and work seamlessly.

There are no minimum requirements for an app and it can simply showcase more information about your business which allows people to read about you without the need to use data or be connected to Wi-Fi. It can then lead through to your website in order to place a purchase or book your services.

Alongside our mobile and tablet app agency in Braintree, Essex we can come up with the perfect concept, a striking design, an easy to use facility and an initial outreach program. Why go to anyone but the best?!

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