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Rebranding your business doesn’t need to cost the earth or cause a headache. It just takes a little collective focus and perspective to make it a success. I am sure we have all heard of companies paying outrageous sums of money for rebrands shell springs to mind such as GAP, MasterCard, Tropicana, and of course Consignia which only lasted a few months before it was replaced. So, as a result of these companies we are all all aware of how bad planning during the branding process can cause permanent damage.

This is why we work very closely with clients during the rebranding of their business. During this process we make it our aim (and consider it our duty) to understand exactly what it trying to be achieved. Whatever the reasons for a rebrand , subtle changes to positioning, a change of corporate message, a new logo and style, or the necessity to breathe new life into an existing brand.

At Creative Pixel Agency, we have the personnel to successfully on time and on budget.

best advertising agency essex - rebranding