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At Creative Pixel – a vehicle graphics agency from Braintree, Essex – we believe that vehicle graphics are one of the most cost effective forms of advertising for your business and we would always recommend to clients that their commercial vehicles are clearly advertising the company’s product and services in a clear and informative manner.

Research has shown that on average a commercial van can be seen up to 3000 times an hour*, imagine if your vehicle is on the road for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week this is over 90,000 times your vehicle will be viewed. Why wouldn’t you want to advertise to this potential clientele of people?! This could be your future customers just watching your plain white van drive past, but if they see your branded vehicle they might well be contacting you for business opportunities.
(*Taken from 3M presentation 1998 on The Power of Vehicle Advertising).

In the modern day the focus on social media and digital marketing methods means that a lot of ‘old school’ marketing techniques which are still effective are often overlooked. As a vehicle graphics agency in Braintree, Essex we know the importance of embracing all forms of marketing and advertising particularly those which are low cost and highly effective.

As experts in high quality commercial vehicle and car branding and graphics we can help you design an eye catching design and then go forward and create it for you. Throughout the design process we can create a visual with a picture of your vehicle so you can see exactly what your car/ vehicle graphics will look like before we even start the work.

Our vehicle graphics agency in Braintree, Essex have 15 years’ experience ready at your disposal so you’ll be sure that our graphic designers will take great care of you and your brand and build the right advertising tool that you need to increase your visibility leading to higher sales and profitability.

We don’t just offer car and van graphics but we can also create custom full vehicle wraps if you want to really make an impact on your customers. A full vehicle wrap will ensure that however someone views your vehicle they cannot miss the message you’re trying to get across. Creative Pixel Agency can also create larger scale lorry graphics for freight or transport vehicles.

If you’re still not convinced on vehicle graphics here are some more reasons why they’re great for your business:

  • Non-stop marketing- Even when your vehicle is parked up on the street and you’re asleep it’s still getting noticed. Vehicle graphics are a 24/7 marketing tool.
  • Variety –  There is such a variety in graphics for vehicles from simply branding to full vehicle wraps which means that there’s a solution for every type of business (and budget)
  • Value for money – Compared to the price of say billboard advertising or other marketing material, vehicle graphics are incredible value for money
  • Long-term investment – Vehicle graphics last a long time so are great longer term investments for your business
  • No limitation – Your imagination is the only thing limiting your graphics and striking graphics certainly attract a lot of attention.

Remember while you’re on a job your vehicle could be getting you the next. If you like the sounds of this long-term cost effective advertising then contact our vehicle graphics agency in Braintree, Essex to find out what your best options are.

Anything you can think of to promote your company in a professional and corporate way can have your logo and branding embellished on to ensure maximum brand exposure. The more a potential client sees your brand the more likely you are to make a sale so the return on investment can be incredibly high. Choose our stationary agency in Braintree, Essex to maximize your brand’s exposure.

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