Video Production

Recent research suggests that online video presentations are said to be over 50 times more effective than standard text or still images. At Creative Pixel Agency we believe this makes them a extremely powerful tool for companies savvy to include them within their Marketing Mix.

Ever since the development of sites and blogs like Vimeo, You Tube and Flickr the use of corporate video as an affordable marketing tool has grown beyond all expectations. A corporate video’s ability to deliver emotion and personality, as well as excitement and motivation makes video (in our opinion) the best medium for truly connecting with your target audience. With such a wide range of possible styles, the testament of a great agency is their ability to effectively deliver all of your key messages whilst engaging and empowering the potential client.

At Creative Pixel Agency were are well versed in all aspects of commercial Video production and as such we are on hand to assist in all aspects of your videos production including; Story Boarding, Casting, Scripting, Filming, Editing, Animation and Motion Graphics.

Whether you want a commercial, a ‘How To’ guide, a viral video, a music video or some corporate training, you’ll need a mixture of talent, experience and an understanding of your ethos to make sure you get the best for your investment.

Creative Pixel Agency is ready to bring your concept to life.

professional video production

Video Editing

Once you’ve got all the footage you need, with the right actors, the best direction, and a winning script that drives your message home, you’re going to need a great editor to make sense of it all, pull everything together and bring it to life.

Relying on more than just a knowledge of editing systems and software, the best editors will use their innate ability to find the story in the raw footage and piece together a powerful, concise message.

From cutting segments (trimming), re-sequencing clips and adding transitions to adding music and graphics, it’s a broad skill set that requires genuine talent.

Submit your brief today and you’ll get the most talented, creative editors pitching to hone your video down to its polished best.