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Web & Design Agency in Essex, Braintree & London

Creative Pixel Agency are a full service Design Agency in Essex & London, specialising in all aspects of design and marketing. We ensure that you are left with an end product which not only fits your guidelines and needs, but will act as a tool to increase the profitability and revenues of your business.

With over 15 years’ experience at your service, we have the means to take care of everything that you need in order to develop and advertise your company. This could be through branding, brand guidelines, website design, stationary design and printing, catalogues and brochures, annual reports, vehicle graphics and signage or corporate clothing. Whatever needs you and your business have we have the expertise and experience to work alongside you and your business.

Independent Creative & Design Agency in Essex

At Creative Pixel Agency we are an independent creative agency in Braintree, Essex, although all of our business is digital meaning that the diversity of our clientele includes businesses from all over the country. As an agency we love to solve problems and create business opportunities for our clients, through the delivery of highly effective marketing communications.

As a business owner you can’t be expected to be an expert in every area from website creation and development to branding and marketing. Instead of spending your precious time on these areas, hire an agency like Creative Pixel Agency to use our industry experts to complete the tasks for you. By doing this you will free up your time to work on other projects or business growth areas, while knowing that you have employed the best in each project area.

What we do

Some of the areas that our Design Agency in Essex covers includes:

Our ultimate aim is to provide our clients with the creative concepts and means that gather momentum to both grow your business and increase your profits. Well executive designed directly influences business outcomes and your longevity and profitability, for example if your website isn’t user friendly someone won’t buy from you, or if your brand logo doesn’t stand out then future clients won’t remember you.

Bring customers closer to your brand

Web solutions like design and creative concepts bring customers closer to your brand encouraging an open relationship, which over time can turn into lost lasting business partners or clients, while high quality litho and digital printing can stimulate audiences. We wholeheartedly believe that a good design concept which is intelligently used across all media platforms will make your prospect customers sit up and take notice, but more importantly take action. As well as engaging prospective customers, powerful design concepts can motivate and excite both your staff and other stakeholders giving them a clear sense or purpose and profile for your organisation.

Whether you’re using traditional media, digital media, or a combination of the two we are confident and passionate that we can help you meet your company’s goals and grow your business. Join the excess of 1187 projects, 334 customers and 193 websites we have already worked with on over 7680 hours of design work per annum to create the best you can for your business.

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